Apache BVal Report March 2012

The Apache BVal project implements the Java EE Bean Validation 1.0 (JSR-303) specification and related extensions, and became a top-level project of the foundation on February 15, 2012.


BVal version 0.3-incubating was released April 28, 2011. The PMC is actively discussing making its first non-incubating release in the immediate (!) future. We are highly motivated because as members of the Java EE ecosystem @ Apache we like to cooperate and coordinate with the release schedules of related projects e.g. OpenJPA, Geronimo) whenever possible.


Since graduating to TLP status, activity has focused on post-graduation tasks, primarily the migration of the BVal website from Confluence to the Apache CMS.

We continue to follow the progress of the Bean Validation specification; its 1.1.0 version is being developed under Red Hat's (open) leadership as JSR-349. Apache BVal will implement Bean Validation v1.1.0 as soon as is practical.

Finally, we have established a #bval channel on Freenode IRC. We continue to make decisions on-list, but we hope that our availability on IRC will help build a sense of team camaraderie, and allow us to resolve simple questions in a more synchronous manner.


The composition of the team has not changed since graduation, at which time all committers became members of the inaugural PMC. The PMC is quite diverse and we are satisfied that no entity has undue influence in our decision-making process.


Most of the team (and everyone else who has been asked) harbor some level of dislike for BVal's existing logo, the "check mark made of coffee beans." One of our ongoing tasks is the direction/selection/creation of a new project logo.

No concerns at present.


We have some outstanding features we'd like to implement on our project website (specifically a news or blog feed), and may seek advice and/or support from infrastructure to accomplish this.