Apache BVal Report December 2012

The Apache BVal project implements the Java EE Bean Validation 1.0 (JSR-303) specification and related extensions, and became a top-level project of the foundation on February 15, 2012.


Apache BVal version 0.5 was released on September 21--just after our last report to the board! This was a quick turnaround release, addressing a fairly serious regression (hence the last report's complete omission of any mention of an impending release).


Development has begun to pick back up with some feints at solving one of our outstanding design issues; this has led to some interesting inter-project discussion, and looks poised to result in the creation of a new utility among the libraries provided by Apache Commons.

Mailing list traffic continues to be minimal.

We continue to follow the progress of the Bean Validation specification; its 1.1.0 version is being developed under Red Hat's (open) leadership as JSR-349. Apache BVal will implement Bean Validation v1.1.0 as soon as is practical.


No changes in community.


Re-styling the website to incorporate our new logo remains an open task.

No concerns at present.


Nothing needed at the moment.