Apache BVal Report September 2016

The Apache BVal project implements the Java EE Bean Validation specification(s) and related extensions, and became a top-level project of the foundation on February 15, 2012.


No new releases; last BVal release (v1.1.1) was released February 2016.


Some activity in JIRA and on developer list this quarter. The specification process for Bean Validation v2.0 proceeds; this will inevitably trigger a round of future activity for us to make a compliant release.


No changes in community.

Last PMC member added Q4 2013

Last committer added Q3 2013

Last quarter the board asked whether BV 2.0 might afford opportunities to identify and onboard new personnel to the project. That is possible but probably not especially likely; the PMC would be happy to consider suggestions to enhance the vitality of the project. However, because BVal is incorporated into Apache TomEE and Apache Geronimo, it is to be expected that one or both of these projects might provide manpower when necessary to ensure the availability of a compliant and compatibly-licensed implementation of the Bean Validation specification.