The mission of BVal is the creation and maintenance of software related to Apache BVal: JSR-303 Bean Validation Implementation and Extensions


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Membership Data:

Apache BVal was founded 2012-02-14 (9 years ago) There are currently 16 committers and 15 PMC members in this project. The Committer-to-PMC ratio is roughly 1:1.

Community changes, past quarter:

Project Activity:

Apache BVal 2.0.5 was released on October 26. Additionally, we have recently welcomed Jean-Louis Monteiro to the PMC in recognition of his participation and assistance with our last few releases.

Community Health:

Our activity metrics for this quarter were raised across the board. This is partially due to the community activity that led to our recent release. Additionally, we have just begun exploring new opportunities for extending the base specification for improved compatibility with CDI frameworks, which was another contributing factor.